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Arnold Swai

ANORLD-380x3801Arnold Swai was born in Tanzania and grew up around the base of the two great volcanic peaks in Africa, both the slopes of Mountain Meru and Mountain Kilimanjaro have been his playing grounds and home to him. These are areas where birds, primates, and small forest antelopes were of amazing diversity and here is where his love and passion for nature was born.

Arnold later pursues his education in other parts of Tanzania and Kenya before he graduated with a College degree in Wildlife Management in Tanzania. Arnold is a qualified pro-field guide under FGASA (Field Guide Association of Southern Africa) syllabus, a Wilderness First Aid Responder through WMA (Wilderness Medical Associates International) and an active member of Interpretive Guides Society (IGS) of Tanzania.

About a decade Arnold has been exploring the diverse habitats of East Africa both on foot and on drives.

Being born in Africa Arnold has a broad understanding of African cultures, history and a deep knowledge and interest on both African flora and fauna. Anything flying, walking, crawling or flowering will make him super excited in the bush. Still the moments at the fire place after the sunset have been his favourites when he has talk about Africa and its beautiful night sky.

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