Yeyo Discovery


One of the main purposes for existence of Yeyo Discovery, It is commitment, relation, love and passion for the community around them in which they also belong. We enhance the lives of people, and wildlife in the areas we guide by giving back a share of what we received from our clients.

We create conservation awareness and culture preservation through formal and informal education.

We create chances to our guests to actively participate in giving back in any style they choose from planting a tree, donating books to a local school, building a classroom, teaching young kids, visiting an orphanage or simply offer an informal presentation about their own field of expertise to a selected audience.

For every safari that will be led by yeyo discovery experts, tanzanite or a premium piece of art that will be sold by yeyo artists. Yeyo will feed a local orphanage for a month or buy 150 trees from a local tree nursery to be planted in areas facing deforestation challenges.

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