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Godlisten Moshi

godlisten (1)i was born on the southern slopes of Mountain Kilimanjaro a place called Marangu, which is also the southern ascent route for Mountain Kilimanjaro. He grew and went to school there. And around this particular area this is where his skills evolved over time!

He is a licensed mountain guide.  Certified with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) as a WFR (Wilderness First Aid Responder) well trained on CPR and other high altitudes sickness combat skills.  He has led more than 100 groups to the summit of Kilimanjaro, with expertise in leading groups with special needs. He has been in all major peaks in East Africa and he has recently been on a Mountain Everest trek up to base camp. He has travelled extensively in Asia and America including Rocky Mountains. For him trekking is passion as it’s with Yeyo tradition!

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