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Rwanda is now a popular safari destination in Africa. Well known as “the land of a thousand hills”. Made up of green rolling hills, farms, and plantations. It offers visitors a one of a kind excursion. It’s a home to one third of the world remaining mountain gorillas, one third of Africa’s bird species and various species of primates, volcanoes, wildlife reserves, hotels and islands on the inland lakes like Lake Kivu, beautiful dancers, artistic skills and friendly people. See more on specific destinations:

Volcanoes National Park

gorila-in-rwandaSituated in north-western side of Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park  borders Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Read More 

Akagera National Park

golden-monkey Akagera National Park is found in the north eastern part of Rwanda along the border with Tanzania covering  1,200km². It is so-called after the Akagera River Read More

Lake Kivu

lake-kivu (1) Lake Kivu is one of the African Great Lakes with three main parts which are Gisenyi (North) Kibuye (Central) and Kyangugu (South).Read More

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