Yeyo Discovery


We Are Experienced in Our Areas of Expertise

After numerous years of guiding for high end safari brands in Africa, selling a good number of art works, narrating and sharing their culture with people all over the world. Yeyo Discovery experts meet and decide it will be a good idea to go global and share their enormous amount of experience and passion for Africa with the rest of world. For not less than a decade every single person in Yeyo team has been dealing with creating and enhancing the best experience for the discerning few individuals who have met them along the way in Africa. These come in every aspect that Yeyo Discovery team is dealing with. Our vision has been to provide the best quality safari experience whether on a walking safari, trek or a drive, touching the earth lightly is our mission.

We Export the Best Out of Africa

We export high quality and unique paintings of any kind from landscapes, wildlife and people. And even teach how to do it for interested individuals. Our focus has been to provide our people with quality products out of Africa to ensure their lifetime connections with Africa. We export all kind of arts on request. Whether you have been to Africa or not, but you are very fond of African aromas and flavors, we export high quality local roasted coffee beans and other farm produce upon request.

We Know Our Grounds Very Well

We expose people to life time cultural shocks, from the remaining small population of east Africa bush mens ( hadzabe people),maasai,mbulu, meru and to large tribes like Chaga. It’s our mission to expose the lifestyle, morals and ethics in which these groups have been sailing with for the past centuries.

We Are Registered and Reliable

Founded, owned and run by experts, Yeyo Discovery is a registered company in Tanzania under the business registration act (cap 213) with code no. 297288. We are reliable in what we do,once hooked by us we will provide you with 24 hours guidance and support, all the time prior to safari, during safari and after your safari.

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